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MINUTES of Kurt Rossmann Laboratory (KRL) Advisory Committee


Date and Time:    July 2nd 10:30AM – 11:45AM

Location:             Conference Room I-106


Advisory Committee Members Present:

Hui Li, Bei Liu, Janne Nappi, Ingrid Reiser, Arunabha Roy, Junji Shiraishi          

Advisory Committee Members Absent:


Others Present:

Kunio Doi                                                              



1.      Dr. Doi presented the purposes and role of this committee in Rossmann Lab.

2.     We have discussed general aspects and specifics as described below.

3.      The name of this committee was decided as “Kurt Rossmann Laboratory (KRL) Advisory Committee”.

4.      The name of “Project Meeting” was changed to “Rossmann Lab Seminar”.

5.      Some activities of this committee were discussed and decided as follows.

    The meeting of this committee will be held once every three months for;

(a)    selection of speakers, topics, and dates for Rossmann Lab Seminar,

(b)   update publications in web page of KRL and KRL report,

(c)    formulate plans for informal meetings such as summer picnic, farewell party, RSNA celebration party, spring “Sushi” party, etc...,

(d)   other matters related to better communications among KRL staff.

6.      Rossmann Lab Seminar will be held about 20 times a year on Monday afternoon, and will start in the middle of August.  First six speakers and their topics will be selected at the next meeting.

7.      A request was made to expand the functions of our web pages to provide useful information for KRL staff such as, links for many journals, meetings, and notice board informing Rossmann Lab Seminar, and other meetings including lectures for Graduate Student of Medical Physics.

8.      For updating KRL mailing list, we should examine names and recent e-mail addresses of current members of KRL in each research group by the next meeting.

9.      For updating KRL report and the web page of KRL, we should prepare the list of latest publication in each research group. The deadline of the revision of KRL report will be Oct 31, 2004.

10.  We will start to plan about the summer picnic for next year.  In addition, an informal meeting such as pot luck lunch party will be planned during this summer.

11.  Next KRL Advisory Committee meeting will be held on August 2nd (Monday).



Recorded by Junji Shiraishi




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