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Sunday, November 28, 2004 - Friday, December 3, 2004

0025CH-CE-e (Chest)
S Armato, A Starkey, H MacMahon, G McLennan, D Yankelevitz, M McNitt-Gray:
Toward a Definition of Lung Nodule: A Visual Nodule Library Resource

0045PH-CE-e (Computer Exhibit)
H Arimura, T Hirai, Y Korogi, S Katsuragawa, Y Yamashita, K Doi: Interactive Computer-aided Diagnostic System for Detection of Intracranial Aneurysms at MR Angiography

0047PH-CE-e (Computer Exhibit)
C Muramatsu, Q Li, R A Schmidt, K Suzuki, G M Newstead, K Doi, et al.:
Usefulness of Similar Images for Distinction between Benign and Malignant Lesions in Mammograms: Determination of Similarity between Pairs of Mammographic Lesions

0333BR-e (Breast)
K Drukker, ML Giger: Computerized Detection and Characterization of Lesions on Breast Ultrasound

0343BR-e (Breast)
RM Nishikawa and Y Jiang: The Role of Computer-aided Detection (CAD) in Screening Mammography

1147PH-e (Physics)
S Sakai, H Yabuuchi, H Soeda, N Takahashi, H Honda, K Doi, et al.:
Interactive Interpretation of Chest Radiographs by Use of CAD Systems for Temporal Subtraction and Nodule Detection

1148PH-e (Physics)
W Chen, ML Giger, GM Newstead, L Lan:
Computer-aided Diagnosis of Breast Cancer with Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MRI

1149PH-e (Physics)
H-H Wen, ML Giger, GM Newstead, L Lan, KJ Horsch, K Drukker:
Computerized Correlative Matching of Lesions from Multiple Breast Images for CAD

2465-CH-e (Chest)
J Shiraishi, F Li, Q Li, K Suzuki, H MacMahon, K Doi, et al.:
Recent Progress in Computer-aided Diagnosis (CAD) for Chest Radiology: Interactive Demonstration of Computerized Schemes for Lung Cancer Detection on Low-dose CT and Digital Chest Radiographs

2472EP-CH-e (Chest)
S Sakai, H Yabuuchi, H Soeda, N Takahashi, H Honda, K Doi, et al.:
Subtle Interval Changes in Various Clinical Situations on Temporal Subtraction Images: Comparison with CT Findings


Sunday, November 28, 08:00 - Friday, December 3, 12:00, infoRAD Exhibit Area

9100 (Decision Support/Computer-aided Diagnosis)
H Yoshida, JJ Nappi, N Parsad, A Okamura, D Rubin, AH Dachman:
ColonChecker: A State-of-the-art CAD Workstation for Detection of Polyps in CT Colonography

RM Nishikawa, ML Giger, Y Jiang, GM Newstead, R A Schmidt, CE Metz, et al: Integration of Multi-Modality Breast CAD into the Clinical Workflow
[Presentation: Robert Nishikawa: Sunday, November 28, 10:30am, InfoRad Theater]

9819 PM-i
I Kawashita, T Ishida; H Arimura, S Katsuragawa, S Hori, K Doi: Development of Computerized Method for Automated Classification of the Body Parts in Digital Radiographs



Sunday, November 28, 2004, 2:00 PM, Course 101
DP Naidich, HM MacMahon: Computer-aided Diagnosis in Lung Disease (An Interactive Session)

Tuesday, November 30, 2004, 8:30 AM, Course 315
DB Kopans, ED Pisano, RA Schmidt: Digital Mammography and Its Applications

Tuesday, November 30, 2004, 8:30 AM, Course 321
RM Nishikawa: Categorical Course in Diagnostic Radiology Physics: Advances in Breast Imaging – Physics, Technology, and Clinical Applications: Digital Mammography – Detector Technology, Image Quality and Physics Audits.
A. Image Quality Metrics in Mammography

Thursday, December 2, 2004, 8:30 AM, Course 625
K Doi: Update Course: Advances in Digital Radiography – Digital Radiographic Advanced Image Processing.
A. Computer-aided Diagnosis Methods for Lung Cancer

Thursday, December 2, 2004, 4:30 PM, Course 721
ML Giger: Categorical Course in Diagnostic Radiology Physics: Advances in Breast Imaging – Physics, Technology, and Clinical Applications: Computer-aided Diagnosis of Breast Disease
B. Computer-aided Diagnosis in Diagnostic Mammography and Multimodality Breast Imaging


Sunday, November 28

10:45 AM, S401AB, Physics
K Suzuki, F Li, J Shiraishi, Q Li, H MacMahon, K Doi:
Analysis of Radiologists’ Responses with CAD in the Distinction between Malignant and Benign Pulmonary Nodules on High-Resolution CT

10:55 AM, S401AB, Physics
J Shiraishi, K Suzuki, Q Li, R Engelmann, S Katsuragawa, K Doi: Computer-aided Detection of Lung Nodules on Chest Radiographs: Evaluation with a Large Scale Image Database

11:25 AM, E351, Chest
F Li, H Arimura, Q Li, S Sone, H MacMahon, K Doi:
An Observer Study to Investigate Radiologist Performance in the Detection, Classification, and Follow-up of Peripheral Lung Cancers Missed at CT Screening

11:35 AM, S401AB, Physics
K Suzuki, Q Li, F Li, H MacMahon, K Doi:
Distinction between Nodules and False Positives in CAD Scheme for Lung Nodule Detection on Multidetector CT Images by Means of Massive Training Artificial Neural Networks

11:45 AM, S401AB, Physics
K Suzuki, J Shiraishi, F Li, H Abe, H MacMahon, K Doi:
False-Positive Reduction in Computerized Detection of Lung Nodules in Chest Radiographs Using Massive Training Artificial Neural Networks for Rib-Suppression Technique

12:05 AM, S401AB, Physics
K Suzuki, H Abe, F Li, H MacMahon, K Doi:
Separation of Ribs and Soft Tissue in Single Chest Radiographs by Means of Massive Training Artificial Neural Networks

Monday, November 29

10:50 AM, S401AB, Physics
Y Uchiyama, R Nakayama, H Abe, F Li, S Katsuragawa, K Doi:
Automated Computerized Detection of Diffuse Lung Disease in High-Resolution Computed Tomography Based on 3D Geometric Features and 3D Gray-level Distribution Features

3:20 PM, E253CD, Breast (Interventional)
H Abe, RA Schmidt, GM Newstead, C Sennett:
Initial Experience with Ultrasound-guided 14G Core Biopsy of Suspicious Axillary Lymph Nodes in Patients with Breast Cancer as an Alternative to Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB)

Tuesday, November 30

10:40 AM, E352, Chest
F Li, Q Li, M Aoyama, S Sone, H MacMahon, K Doi:
Evaluation of a Computerized Scheme for Differentiating Benign from Malignant Lung Nodules on High-Resolution CT

10:40 AM, S401AB, Physics
I Reiser, RM Nishikawa, ML Giger, EA Rafferty, D B Kopans, R H Moore, T Wu: Computerized Mass Detection for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Directly from the Projection Images

11:00 AM, S401AB, Physics
K Drukker, ML Giger: Robustness of a Computerized Lesion Detection and Classification Scheme for Breast Ultrasound across Acquisition Platforms

11:20 AM, S401AB, Physics
H-H Wen, ML Giger, GM Newstead, L Lan, KJ Horsch, K Drukker:
Correlative Matching of Lesions from Multiple Breast Images Using an Artificial Neural Network

11:30 AM, S401AB, Physics
W Chen, ML Giger, GM Newstead, U Bick, L Lan:
Computerized Analysis of Contrast-enhanced MR Images of the Breast:
Automated Bias Field Correction and Identification of Characteristic Signal-time Curves

11:40 AM, S401AB, Physics
B Liu B, CE Metz, Y Jiang:
Effect of Correlation on Combining Diagnostic Information from Two Images of the Same Patient

3:10 PM, S401AB, Physics
C Muramatsu, Q Li, R A Schmidt, K Suzuki, G M Newstead, K Doi:
Determination of the Degree of Subjective Similarity for Pairs of Clustered Microcalcifications on Mammograms: Preliminary Observer Study

3:20 PM, Area Crown Theater, Breast (MR Imaging)
H Abe, GM Newstead, S Arkani, C Sennett, RA Schmidt, G Karczmar, et al:
Effect of Magnetic Resonance Imaging on the Clinical Management of Women with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer

3:30 PM, S401AB, Physics
R Nakayama, Y Uchiyama, R Watanabe, S Katsuragawa, K Namba, K Doi: Computer-aided Diagnosis Scheme for Identifying Histological Classification of Clustered Microcalcifications Using MLO and CC Magnification Mammograms

Wednesday December 1

11:10 AM, E450A, Gastrointestinal
Y Yanaga, Y Nakayama, Q Li, R Ikeda, S Katsuragawa, K Doi, et al.: Computerized Volumetry of Liver for Living-related Liver Transplantation in Multidetector CT: Comparison with Actual Weight of Resected Liver

11:20 AM, S401AB, Physics
Chinander M, Y Zhang, R M Nishikawa:
Numerical Simulation of Mammographic Imaging System and Assurance Checking

3:00 PM, E450B ,Gastrointestinal
K Matake, K Yoshimitsu, Y Higashida, S Kumazawa, K Doi, H Honda: Usefulness of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for Differential Diagnosis of Hepatic Masses on CT Images: Evaluation with Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis

3:20 PM, E450A, Gastrointestinal
M Imuta, H Yoshida, K Awai, JJ Nappi, K Yamada, Y Yamashita:
Detection of Polyps by Ultra-Low Dose CT Colonography with Computer-aided Diagnosis: Comparison of Performances at Different Radiation Doses

3:30 PM, E450A, Gastrointestinal
H Yoshida, P Lefere, JJ Nappi, S Gryspeerdt, A Okamura, AH Dachman: Computer-aided Detection of Polyps in CT Colonography with Dietary Fecal Tagging: Pilot Assessment of Performance

3:40 PM, E450A, Gastrointestinal
ME Zalis, H Yoshida, JJ Nappi, C Magee, PF Hahn:
Evaluation of False Positive Detections in Combined Computer Aided Polyp Detection and Minimal Preparation/Digital Subtraction CT Colonography (CTC)

Thursday, December 2

10:50 AM, S401AB, Physics
JR Wilkie, ML Giger, MR Chinander, CA Engh, L Dixon, JM Martell:
Radiographic Texture Analysis in the Early Detection of Periprosthetic Osteolysis

11:30 AM, S401AB, Physics
JJ Nappi, A Okamura, H Frimmel, AH Dachman, H Yoshida:
A Region-based Supine-Prone Correspondence Method for the Reduction of False Positives in CAD for CT Colonography

11:40 AM, S401AB, Physics
JJ Nappi, H Yoshida, H Frimmel, AH Dachman:
Computerized Detection of Masses in CT Colonography

11:40 AM, E352, Chest
Q Li, F Li, S Sone, K Doi:
Cross-validation Evaluation of Performance for Computerized Detection of Lung Nodules in Thin-slice CT



Sunday November 28, 11:30 AM

1101PH-p, Physics (PACS and Displays)
R Ikeda, S Katsuragawa, T Shimonobou, M Hashida, Y Yamashita, K Doi:
Comparison of LCD and CRT Monitors for Detection of Pulmonary Nodules and Interstitial Lung Diseases on Digital Chest Radiographs by Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis

Sunday November 28, 1:20 PM

1106PH-p, Physics (PACS and Displays)
S Sakai, H Soeda, A Furuya, T Okafuji, H Honda, K Doi, et al.:
Evaluation of Image Quality of Temporal Subtraction Automatically Produced Images in PACS Environment

Monday November 29, 12:25 PM

0835HS-p, Health Services, Policy, and Research (Outcomes, Screening)
S Sakai, H Soeda, N Takahashi, T Okafuji, H Honda, K Doi, et al.:
Computer-aided Lung Nodule Detection on Digital Chest Radiography: Evaluation of Consecutive T1-Cases of Resected Lung Cancer

Monday November 29, 12:35 PM

0307BR-p, Breast (Digital Mammography and CAD)
RA Schmidt, S Ackerman, GM Newstead, J Quam, M Mordin, K Anastassopoulos:
Comparative Feature Analysis of Computed Radiography for Mammography (CRM) Soft Copy Display vs CRM Hard Copy Film: An Observer Performance Study




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