Suggested Elective Courses

    Suggested elective courses available to students and trainees in our Committee on Medical Physics, listed by Department or Division giving course number and course name.

    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology:
    30100Basic Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    30200Molecular and Cell Biology
    32200Introduction to Biophysical Methods

    Biological Sciences College Division:
    20181Cell and Molecular Biology
    24222Computational Neuroscience II: Vision
    25108Cancer Biology
    20200Introduction to Biochemistry
    22248Physiology of Vision
    22243Biomechanics of Organisms
    31400General Principles of Genetic Analysis

    38000Sensation and Perception
    32000Color vision
    35000Physiology of Vision

    45100Health Studies
    48100Public Policy

    Computer Science:
    10200, 10700Introduction to Computer Programming II, III
    22300Networks and Distributed Systems
    35500Computer Vision

    26100, 26200, 26300Elementary Physical Chemistry I, II, III
    36300Statistical Mechanics
    36400Chemical Thermodynamics

    20200Mathematical Methods for Physical Science III
    21100Basic Numerical Analysis
    22000, 22100Mathematical Methods in Physics I and II
    27500Basic Theory of Partial Differential Equations

    Medical Physics:
    34100Introduction to Research
    35300Medical Image Reconstruction
    35400Health Physics
    35500Clinical Physics in Nuclear Medicine
    35800Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Resonance
    37000Advanced Computing for Imaging Applications
    37100Statistical Image Reconstruction
    38200Transfer Function Analysis of Radiologic Imaging Systems
    38300Analysis of Noise in Radiologic Imaging
    38400Principles of ROC Analysis
    39100Physics of Mammography
    39300Physics in Clinical PET
    39400Chemistry of Diagnostic Agents
    39600Image Processing and Computer Vision
    39700Health Physics
    41700Research in Medical Physics
    41800Research in Advanced Tomographic Imaging
    42000Research in the Physics of Nuclear Medicine
    42100Research in the Physics of Diagnostic Radiology
    42200Research in the Physics of Radiation Therapy
    42300Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy

    30100Cell Pathology and Immunology
    30900Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Biology

    Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences:
    30400Organ Physiology and Endocrinology
    30500Systems Neuroscience

    23400,23500Quantum Mechanics I and II
    23600Solid State Physics
    23700Nucleii and Elementary Physics
    25000Computational Physics
    31600Advanced Classical Mechanics
    32300, 32400Advanced Electrodynamics I and II
    33000, 33100 Mathematical Methods of Physics I and II
    33400Advanced Laboratory
    34100,34200,34300Quantum Mechanics I, II and III
    35200Statistical Mechanics

    31000Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology

    Radiation Oncology:
    30700Fundamentals of Clinical Radiation Therapy
    35300Advanced Radiation Dosimetry
    37800Basic Radiation Biology
    37900Advanced Medical Radiobiology
    42300Cancer and Radiobiology

    22200Linear Models and Experimental Design
    22400Applied Regression Analysis
    22600Analysis of Categorical Data
    23400-23500Statistical Models and Methods I, II
    24400-24500Statistical Theory and Methods I, II
    24700Introduction to Probability Models
    31200-31300Introduction to Stochastic Processes I and II
    32900Applied Multivariate Analysis
    34300Applied Linear Statistical Methods

    Official course descriptions can be found in the University's online course catalog.
    Below are the courses recently taken by CMP students.

    PHYS 34100 Quantum Mechanics I
    PHYS 32200 Advanced Electrodynamics I
    PHYS 30900 Introduction To Beam Physics
    CHEM 26800/36800 Computational Chemistry
    STAT 24400 & 24500 Statistics: Theory and Methods I & II
    STAT 37900/CMSC 35500 Topics in Computer Vision
    STAT 30700/CMSC 37800 Numerical Computation
    CMSC 23300/33300 Networks and Distributed Systems
    CMSC 34000 Scientific Parallel Computing
    CMSC 35600/RADI 39600 Image Processing and Computer Vision
    RADI 35800 Biomedical Applications in Magnetic Resonance
    BIOS 20191 Cell and Molecular Biology

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