Graduation Checklist

    A Ph.D. education would not be complete without some rudimentary training in leaping administrative hurdles. This page represents an attempt to clarify the required steps so that you will actually graduate when you've told your family, friends, and future employers you will.

    Ruth Magaña (4-7769) should have all of these forms.

    One final word of advice: check with Ruth Magaña roughly a month before convocation to confirm that you've cleared all the jumps.

    Required by the University or Division

    Due by Task
    8 months before convocation
    Candidacy Recommendation Forms completed right after you do your proposal.
    If these two forms are not turned in on time, you will need to petition to have this deadline waived.
    After Defense
    Fill out Final exam report.
    Ruth Magaña can type it up and the chair of the defense signs it.
    Roughly 1 quarter before graduation
    Check your transcript
    Make sure all the courses you've taken are listed and have had grades reported for them. If not, you will need to contact the instructor of the course and possibly the registrar to get the appropriate form for the instructor to complete.
    When you register for the quarter you are graduating
    Application for the Degree
    This is the "pink card" required by the registrar.
    3.5 weeks before convocation
    Dissertation and forms turned in to The University of Chicago Dissertation Office
    Printing the dissertation in a format acceptable to the University is a challenge best not left to the last minute. If you're especially industrious and can complete it 2 weeks or more ahead of the deadline, the Office will proofread it for potential formatting problems which could delay your graduation by a quarter. Details about University-Wide Requirements for the Ph.D are described in detail at here.
    During the quarter leading up to convocation
    Complete forms mailed to you by the Office of Special Events
    These materials are mailed to you sometime in the last half of the quarter and include such minor details as the spelling of your name on your diploma. For questions about convocation itself, see the website.
    End of 8th or 9th week of quarter (depends on quarter)
    All tuition and fees paid in full.
    Double check with Ruth Magaña that everything is in order for your graduation.

    Required by the Department

    Due by Task
    Submit one copy of thesis for binding for CMP
    There is an office on the 2nd floor of the bookstore in the back of the textbooks section which outsources professional binding. The CMP will pay to get a hardbound copy of your dissertation for posterity.

    Optional Items

    When Task
    3 wks before convocation
    Rent cap and gown
    You can do this on the 2nd floor of the bookstore. Pick them up a day or two before convocation and return them within the next couple of days.
    No deadline
    Get your thesis professionally bound
    The bookstore contracts out professional hardback binding services through an office located in the rear of the textbook section. It usually takes 6-8 weeks.

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